Saturday, 13 January 2007

Hoarding - my genetic inheritance

My mother does it, I do it.
And if - God forbid! - I ever have kids, I'd like to think that they'll do it too. I hoard. Not quite obsessively (although if you ask Mike, he'll say differently) but throwing anything away is always difficult. We're having a bit of sort-out at the moment (basically, trying to find ways to fit more stuff into the same space). It's not as if we live in a shoe-box: a sizeable three-bedroomed house with more shelves than the British Library. But still...
Youngsters today are dead lucky that, just as house prices are shooting through the roof and everyone's having to live in tinier and tinier spaces, boffins have come up with more and more compact ways of storing media: DVDs, CDs, mp3s etc. I have shelves full of 12-inch singles and albums, the complete (yes, yes, I know...) Star Trek: Voyager and Deep Space Nine - on video - and hundreds of 7-inch singles. Collectively, they take up the space of a one-bedroomed flat in Kensington. If we got rid of them all (ie if I spent a fortune on replacing the Star Treks with DVDs - which I have no intention of doing, thank you very much: remember, I've seen them) and turned all the albums and singles into mp3s (at least I might actually listen to them again), we'd have room to rent out space to a family of Polish plumbers. Which, actually, would be quite useful at the moment.
But of course none of that will happen, and slowly, month by month, Mike and I will be squeezed out of our home by my accumulated stuff.



Stuart Douglas said...

Hee hee - you own all of ST:Voyager :)

And you always give the impression of having such good taste, too...

Mark Michalowski said...

I do, don't I?? :)

I think I was just going through a 'Oooh, Star Trek - I wanna buy Star Trek stuff' phase. You'd have thought that watching - never mind buying - the whole run of DS9 would have cured me of that!'